How does Apipay work?

Apipay mPOS is a simple and comprehensive solution for accepting electronic payments.

The technology apipay uses makes the operation of the device extremely simple.
At the same time, the mPOS device gives you the ability to accept payments anywhere, anytime, on extremely attractive terms.

What does apipay payments acceptance look like?

  1. Enter the transaction amount in the apipay application on your smartphone or other device integrated with your Apipay mPOS (e.g. tablet, PC or cash register).



  2. Present or insert the payment card to the Apipay mPOS. When making a mobile payment, just bring the phone closer to the mPOS.



  3. After a successful transaction, the apipay application shows a payment confirmation that you can send to the customer via SMS or e-mail.



  4. You can check the transaction history on an ongoing basis in the Administrative Panel available online.



Do you have any questions?

We will answer all of them

1Do I need more than Apipay mPOS to accept payments?

Yes. Apipay mPOS should be paired with any mobile device with an Android operating system - smartphone or tablet. Download the free Apipay mPOS application to your mobile device. The application should be quickly and easily paired with the mPOS device via Bluetooth. And that's all.

2Can Apipay mPOS be paired with a device other than a smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Apipay mPOS can be paired with any device or software that integrates with the apipay system. More information here >>

3Is this solution safe?

Yes. Apipay mPOS is PCI DSS certified and meets all the legally required security standards of VISA and MasterCard payment organizations. Each payment transaction is encrypted and stored in a secure environment compliant with PCI standards.

4Do I have fixed monthly costs for the Apipay mPOS terminal?

No. We don't want you to pay any monthly terminal rental. With us, you pay once and have a terminal forever - then you pay only a low commission on the transactions made. See the pricelist>>

5What functionalities does Apipay mPOS offer?

Sales - accept card payments where and when you want.

Return and cancellation - make sure you can cancel the transaction, e.g. due to a mistake or in the event of the Customer's resignation from the purchase.

DCC - allow foreign customers to pay by card in their home currency.

Pre-authorization - protect yourself in the event of booking cancellation by blocking the amount on the customer's payment card.

MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) - accept card payments without the physical presence of the card.

Merchant portal - enjoy free access to data of transactions made on your Apipay mPOS device.

6How quickly will I get money on my account with card payments?

Quickly! Our rule is D + 1, which means that the money will be credited to your account by the end of the business day following the day of the transaction.

Apipay Benefits

Easy to accept card payments

Increase in customer loyalty

Money on the account even in 24 hours (D + 1)

Increased Revenues

Increased products sold number of purchased

productsUp to 250 transactions without charging the terminal

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