mPOS apipay

Apipay mPOS is a modern and safe solution for accepting electronic payments. It is perfect for entrepreneurs looking for a fully mobile device as well as for companies that need an integrated payment solution.

Apipay mPOS allows you to accept payments made with contactless cards, cards with an EMV chip and with magstripe. It supports payments with Visa, vPay, MasterCard and Maestro, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. It has all the necessary safety certificates.

mPOS apipay



  • Lightweight – weighs just 123g
  • Small and neat – its dimensions are only 11 x 6.9 x 1.7 cm
  • Durable battery – allows you to make 250 transactions on a single charge
  • Safe – certified by PCI-DSS, Visa, MasterCard and Acquirers
  • Fast – contactless transaction takes up to 5 seconds
  • It works with the application on the phone and tablet as well as with other integrated devices

Full Control

By using Apipay mPOS you gain free access to the Administration Panel, where you can check thecomplete history of transactions from your device. You can also access transactions from the last 30 days directly in the Apipay application.

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