The ECC transactional platform (Electronic Coupon Clearing) allows you to settle purchase transactions carried out by store customers using discount coupons between the producer, the store (trade network) and the consumer.

The ECC platform is:

the comprehensive management of coupon offers in all stores integrated with the ECC Platform with full budget control

the automatic introduction of the terms of the discount coupon (promotion) to the cash register system of the retail chain or store

the settlement of completed product sales using discount coupons between the store and the manufacturer

linking discount vouchers issued in various media with sales in traditional stores where the coupon was used

the cash transfer between the manufacturer, the store and the consumer resulting from the use of discount coupons in the process of their settlement

monitoring consumer purchase preferences and building a closer relationship between the manufacturer and the store with the consumer

the design, implementation and measurement of commercial effects of marketing campaigns by using the discount coupon

The manufacturer has access to full sales records of his/her products generated using discount coupons with the division into individual coupon distribution channels.

The ECC platform can be used both by retail chains with a single cash register system, as well as franchise networks operating based on cash register systems of individual franchise holders.

The synchronization of information between commercial networks and hundreds of manufacturers allows for transparency and security of each transaction carried out using the discount coupons.

The sales data from stores collected by the ECC Platform are a source of knowledge about the market position of individual manufacturers, their products and consumer behaviour.

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